Charlie Mansel-Pleydell

Addiction, Family & Couples Therapist
in Rivonia, Sandton

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About Charlie Mansel-Pleydell

I am here.
I can help you.
You don't have to suffer anymore.
There's another option.
I have my own experience of addiction - I have been there I know what it's like.
I know how unbearably painful and shameful it can be.
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Sex Addiction
Closed Groups

Charlie runs a 130 day 'Facing The Shadow' closed groups (two groups a week for the first 40 days, then one group a week for the last 90 days) that he co-facilitates with a clinical social worker, which focus upon breaking the destructive cycle of compulsive sexual acting out.
Please contact me for details.

Love Addiction & Love Avoidance Closed Groups

Charlie runs a 10 week program (one group a week) that he co-facilitates with his wife Leigh. Together we offer closed groups aimed at educating clients on the destructive patterns of love addiction and love avoidance - whose processes invariably get entangled in one another in toxic relationships. This also entails helping clients to improve their self-awareness; to promote informed decision making, whilst also empowering them to learn the necessities of self-love in recovery.
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I’ve had such a great personal learning experience. I have really learned to put myself first and acknowledge the importance of my feelings. Through my counselling sessions with Charlie I have grown so much and have been able to express myself more than ever before. social analysis, equality treatment, diversification."


Working with Charlie as my therapist has been an absolute miracle and he has really gone above and beyond for me during my year seeing him on a weekly basis. If you have an addiction or a compulsion that affecting your life I highly recommend you see Charlie - as he will help you change your life just in the way he helped me change mine. I didn't think I could be helped or even needed to be helped however, Charlie made me see firstly I had a problem and secondly he knew exactly what to do to help me address it. I am currently 1 and a half years clean and sober of my addiction and I couldn't be happier.