Family And Addiction

When an addict is acting out or using it can cause untold misery for the family. Addiction is a family disease and needs to be treated as such. So often an addicted loved one receives treatment for their disorder and the family is left to pick up the pieces of devastation. Therefore it is vitally important that the family members also get the support and help needed to come to terms with such a traumatic experience.

  • Are you part of a family that is struggling to control the addictive behavior of a loved one?
  • Do you feel imprisoned in your home at the mercy of a loved one's addictive behaviour?
  • Have you discovered your loved one keeps secrets and repeatedly tell lies?
  • Do any members of your family rescue the addicted loved one when he or she is in trouble?
  • Do any members of your family persecute the addicted loved one when he or she is in trouble?
  • Does your addicted loved one behave like a victim and avoid blame when in trouble?
  • Have you lost the essence of who you are because of the trauma of living with an addicted loved one?
  • Do you struggle to put down boundaries in your household because of your addicted loved one's behaviour?
  • Do you believe if you could control your addicted loved one's behaviour things will get better?
  • Do you feel manipulated by your addicted loved one?