When I sat down with Charlie for my very 1st session, he gave me the impression that he knew what he was talking about, knew my pain and how deep I dug my own hole. I took a leap of faith and decided to give Charlie a go. Charlie doesn’t fix your problems and crisis’s he teaches and guides you through them and give you the tools on how to fix your own problems. Charlie gave me a step by step guidance on how to grow as a human being. How to deal with my grief, my addiction and my ostrich syndrome. Charlie always encouraged me and today I am proud of myself for never giving up, no matter how bad it got.

Charlie is a warm, thoughtful, dependable person, the type who always remembers how hectic your life is at times. He always shows a deep compassion and a great deal of enthusiasm for his work and his patients. Charlie was instrumental in ensuring that I stay alive and face my problems. His ability to communicate on the level of where I was emotionally and his desire to assist in any way possible, even when he had to think outside the box when I could not express how I felt in words.

I would recommend anyone to Charlie as he has a great passion for his work and I feel fortunate to have met him as he has made a deep impact in my life.


I was deep into feeding my destructive addiction not being aware for what it really was. When I eventually faced the inevitable consequences of a shattered marriage, utter shame and bewilderment, I needed help. I could not have made a better choice than Charlie. Through his gentle, non-judgmental but firm approach, I became aware of the depth and seriousness of my sex addiction. His scientific treatment approach taught me to take responsibility and how to break the shackles of my addiction. Today, 2 years later, that terrible shadow part of my life has finally lifted for good. That crucial intervention has literally saved my life in so many ways!


Charlie Mansel-Pleydell started off as my counsellor at Tharagay Secondary over seven years ago and once I had completed my nine months of rehabilitation, I decided to continue my therapy with him. His guidance, knowledge and insight have been paramount to my recovery. He believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself and taught me over time that I am enough. Over my journey he helped guide me with compassion, honesty and integrity. Charlie Mansel-Pleydell is a dedicated therapist who goes above and beyond for his clients.


I wish that I could reveal my name, but due to the prominent position that my family holds in South African Society, I am unable to. I will use the letter M. My journey with sexual addiction started almost a dozen years ago. I attended an extremely prestigious all-boys catholic school in Johannesburg, and at the age of 16 I rediscovered pornography; I had come across it when I was 9 but I did not think much of it at the time. Fast-forward 7 years; I was in the midst of my teen’s years and pornography re-entered my life.

In December of 2016, frustrated with the way that my life was panning out, physical distance between my girlfriend and myself; a dead end job and unable to return to my favourite country to be with the then love of my life - I turned to prostitutes to fill a void. This occurred many times, whilst having Skype calls with my then girlfriend, whom I was now cheating on with random prostitutes and wasting a lot of money.

This, however, was not my first experience with prostitution, that began when I turned 19 and I was spurned by the woman that I thought I would marry. My then undiagnosed addiction started with a street walker taken to a private parking garage in Sandton, and coupled with pornography this became a rapid descent into the abyss.

In 2016, I slept with two more prostitutes before I thought that I might have a problem and when I searched for sex addiction counselling, Charlie’s name came up. He gave me the tools that I needed to succeed and to manage this disease, and I did have some slip ups along the way but he was always there for me. I am clean and sober, and I have reclaimed my sexual sobriety, even now as a single man, I am able to manage my relationships with others and not turn to prostitutes, meaningless sex, cheating and lying.