Sex Addiction Assessment

Never Sometimes Frequently Most of
the time
Do you feel as if your sexual behaviour is out of control?
Do you often find yourself preoccupied with sexual thoughts?
Are you secretive about your sexual behaviors - do you keep them hidden from friends and family?
Have you ever made repeated promises to yourself to stop some type of sexual behavior and found you have actually repeatedly broken them?
Does your partner, family or friends ever worry or complain about your obsessive sexual behaviour?
Have you noticed that you have needed to seek more sexual risk and stimulation in order to achieve the same level of sexual arousal and excitement?
Does your sexual behaviour contradict your personal, moral, religious and family values?
Do your sexual thoughts and behaviours make you feel bad and unworthy?
How often do you engage in viewing pornography (via internet, smart phones, DVD’s)?
Are you tempted to engage in sexual behaviour when you are experiencing difficult feelings such as stress, anger, anxiety, depression or sadness?
Does your sexual behaviour negatively impact other areas of your life such as finances, relationships, work, health and professional status?
Do you look through magazines, newspapers and TV channels in search of sexually arousing material?
Do you participate in on-line sexually related chats, emails posts or sexting?
Do you visit sex workers (prostitutes, strip clubs and masseurs) as part of your sexual behaviour?
How often have you engaged in having affairs or casual sex as part of your sexual behaviour?



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